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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Questionnaire Guide

As a wedding photographer, you have probably realized that the sales consultation is the beginning or the end of your relationship with your clients.

They either decide they want or do not want to work with you.

This is why you don’t want to spend this time taking notes and leaving your potential clients staring at the top of your head.

Why? Because you will miss important parts of the conversation or the vibe.

It’s one of the reasons why I started working with a wedding photography questionnaire.

What is a Wedding Photography Questionnaire?

Simply: it is a questionnaire that you can send to your wedding clients so they can fill out all the important details of their day a few weeks prior to their wedding day.

Some people also call it the pre-wedding questionnaire or pre-wedding survey or wedding planning questionnaire.

Why do you want a Wedding Photography Questionnaire?

When you are having your next sales consultation with a potential bride you will discover that having a pre-wedding questionnaire in place allows you to do something way more important…

During your first consultation with your potential clients, you usually discuss a lot. I used to be furious in note taking during those meetings. But guess what. Listening and note taking don’t go well together.

You really want to pay attention to what is not said in these conversations. After all, it’s also a sales consultation.

Instead of taking notes at this time of working with your clients, you might be better off paying attention to the conversation, because:

  • You might miss something they were about to say that was really important to them.
  • Weddings are usually booked way in advance, so most of the details of their big day are not set in stone yet.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Having a wedding photography questionnaire in place will help you book more clients. [/pullquote]

Prepare Your Clients For Booking You

Prepare Your Clients For Booking You

In order to have the couple relax when they tell about their day, mention to them upfront that you will get back to them in time, weeks before the wedding, so you can discuss the final program in more detail.

Use these exact words to get them already thinking of booking you: “As you sit here in a minute and we’ll be all wrapped up in talking about your wedding day (describe their current experience) you may notice that I’m not taking any notes. I want you to know that I will send out a questionnaire eight weeks prior to your wedding day to get all the details for the wedding photography to go absolutely as planned.
When that is out of the way, enjoy the conversation and really get into all the details. Build rapport, have fun with it and book those clients!

When they are pretty confident they will book you, explain again all the next steps, including that you will send them (or their wedding planner) a survey to discuss anything that might be useful when photographing their wedding.

This could include anything from addresses to vendors, to speeches, or to important details that they want to be photographed that you might miss otherwise.

[thrive_custom_box title=”This way, your couple is:” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFCC00″ border=”#FFCC00″]

  • Satisfied with your attention during the conversation.
  • Satisfied with your level of professionalism, since you have all their questions figured out in advance and you will confront them with your questionnaire just at the right time!


Save Time & Avoid Mistakes

Since the couple or their wedding planner will be completing the questionnaire there is hardly any risk for typos or mistakes in all the important details like addresses and timelines. Not to mention it will save you lots of time when the couple is giving you all the details in one go, instead of you having to go through countless emails with different versions of timelines and separate emails with different parts of the information.

Argh, you’ll be happy to say goodbye to that nightmare. From now on you’ll be prepared and you only have to review the questionnaire!

When you have the wedding survey completed by the couple, it will only be a matter of a short phone conversation in the week before the wedding to make sure that you are completely aligned with their plans.

Again, you can focus on the couple instead of taking notes. Just check the details from the completed survey and be sure to take an interest in their feelings so close to their big day.

 Peace of Mind before the wedding day

Peace of Mind before the wedding day

When you have all the information you ever need before the wedding day you will experience another important benefit of the wedding photography questionnaire: Peace Of Mind!

No more worrying about details like addresses and timelines, or special requests from the couple, of special family situations you would like to be aware of like divorces and deaths. Everything has been asked and you have all the information nicely together so you can review it at your leisure and feel fully prepared.

It’s easy to send the questionnaire to all your clients

Include a link to your wedding photography survey in your email templates and into your workflow. This way you will never forget to send it to your couples and sending it will not take up any extra time!

If you don’t have a workflow yet, download the free workflow chart below:

The information is all in one place

Copy the questionnaire answers in ShootZilla or keep them on your phone so you have it with you during the wedding.

Ready to scale your business with more flow and ease? Sign up for ShootZilla.

What to ask in a Wedding Survey?

The possibilities are endless. I usually keep it simple and just focus on the day, but you can always think bigger!

Different survey purposes

What about a ‘Moment Design’ survey, where you focus more on their relationship, their passions, and dreams in order to incorporate that into your shoot? Never heard of ‘Moment Design’? Read more about Moment Design.

Or maybe you prefer to do a ‘blog’ survey, where you ask them to write their personal story of how they met, or why they chose the style and theme for their wedding or the details of their venue? It’s all great stuff to include in your blog post later!

If you want to go for different angles, you might want to split the surveys so your clients don’t have to answer all the questions in one go.

Which questions to include

Which questions to include

This depends on weddings in your culture & your personal style.

We were more laid-back kind of photographers, so we didn’t direct all the formals. We just used the questions that would make it easier for us to do our jobs in the best way possible.

For example, after not finding a good time to photograph the invitations or the rings on a few of my early weddings, I started to include the questions about the rings and invitations in our pre-wedding survey. This suddenly made creating gorgeous images of these pieces a shared responsibility for me and my clients! They now planned for me to have easy access to these things during the hectic wedding day.

Check out the questions in the guide and see which ones will make your life easier. And you can always add to the list later.

Use the forms text fields to add instructions for your clients. If some fields are nice to have but not necessary, make sure to add that.

If some questions might give your clients stress like specific questions on how to do the formals, also give them an option to let you decide that part or to discuss it in the final call before the wedding.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Below you can download the guide that will help you get started with your own wedding photography questionnaire. It includes:” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFCC00″ border=”#FFCC00″]

  • All the content from this blog for easy reference
  • How to create a form using Google Forms, with video
  • How to create an easy to remember short link to your wedding photography survey (or any other survey you chose to create) with video
  • 33 Questions you can copy and paste in your own questionnaire


Alright, I hope I have demystified the wedding photography questionnaire for you and more importantly, that I have shown you that you need one asap!

Have questions, comments? Drop me a line below!

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