Surprise (& book) your clients with this cool trick

Surprise (& book) your clients with this cool trick

Do you hate responding to inquiries, knowing that only one in many will actually book you?

Are you wondering how on earth you can get price shoppers to consider raising their budget for you if all they want is your price list?

You will love this tip that can improve on both of these issues.

Basically, getting in front of a camera can be super scary for people.

And they have no idea who to book and how to determine who is a good fit for them. So they might just go with the requirements they DO know, which is the price.

They probably also have the requirement that they want to be comfortable in front of the camera and around the photographer, but they DON’T KNOW yet that they value that.

Since they never booked a photographer before.

So with this simple trick, you can help bridge that value gap easily and effortlessly.

When you get an inquiry, you simply answer like you always do, with all the right elements of a convincing response to an inquiry email.

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But you don’t stop there!

You click on the button of your browser and shoot a quick webcam video. I’m going to share a super easy tool with you below that makes that happen, it’s called useloom.

You only show your face or you show your face in front of some portfolio images that match their request.

For example: If they were inquiring about a family shoot, you can pull up some amazing family shoot images on your screen and reference them in your video.

What do you say?

Be Authentic

It’s not super important what you say as it is to be YOU. Be authentic like you are with clients that you shake hands with, or even better like you are with clients that you already did a shoot with.

This way they see your personality and can easily see that they will feel comfortable with you. Now this has become a requirement for them and you will have won their trust in that sense.

Next, you can also talk about why you are at a higher price point so they also suddenly have extra values to consider in their buying process. Basically a short version of what you would say when you would meet or talk someone in order to book them.

Last but not least, seeing you record a video of yourself as a response to their inquiry will make them feel super valued and special. It really shows that you went above and beyond and that you will do the same for their images.

If this trick sounds fun to you (it really is!), make sure to add a task to your workflow to record a video and paste it in your reply. Your first video might take 30 minutes, but after doing a few you will get quicker and in flow with this and it will take you just a few minutes to get your message across.

If you have never used a workflow before, download the handy workflow chart template below. It can be customized with your own tasks:

A quick introduction on how to record a video when you have installed the browser extension from useloom.

When you are ready to record your video, press the useloom button.
You choose if you want to record your screen and your face or only your face. Keep the screen limited to the Current Tab of your browser, or select Full Desktop if you want to share images from your Lightroom or Photomechanic screen.
In the bottom right corner you see a preview of your webcam screen. When you mouse over the video you can select how big you want your webcam video to be. You can also drag that webcam circle around on your full screen.

After that is all set, you can hit record!

When you finish the recording you get to the useloom screen where you can quickly copy the link with the blue button. And that’s it! If you want to see what it will look like for your clients, click the link below to see the above video that I created.

And this is what it will look like for your clients:

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