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Jos Heikoop Wedding videographer
Nadine van der Wielen Portrait & Wedding photographer
Peter van der Lingen Fine Art Wedding photographer
Evert Doorm Wedding & Wildlife photographer
Simone Janssen Wedding photographer
Susan Eikenaar Wedding photographer

My Thoughts Are Organized And I'm In Flow

As a wedding videographer my days are flustered with tasks like filming, editing, administration, receiving requests from brides and answering them with an offer.

Normally, because these are so many tasks connected to different people, I would stress out and loose control. Now, with Shootzilla, I can finally go with the flow. My thoughts are organized, and I know when I need to do what to keep this flow going.

I want to thank the team of Shootzilla for offering such a complete system for wedding photographers, in my opinion also suitable for videographers.

I Now Have Overview And Peace Of Mind

I now have a great overview and peace of mind when I see my shoots and weddings neatly listed in Shootzilla.

Not only do I know in which phase I am with each job, I also know how much time I have to complete the phase.

Being able to insert my whole workflow in the system, Shootzilla has taken all the clutter out of my head and arrange it in an easy timeline where I know exactly what comes next.

I Know The Progress Of My Work In A Glance

I work with the overview and the client screen the most. It's great to have the overview of where I am with all my bookings. I know immediately how many bookings I have and how far they are in my workflow. Before ShootZilla I filed every booking in a separate folder on my computer. When I needed to check on the status of clients before, I was digging into each folder and it took a lot of time.

With ShootZilla I can find stuff easily and I know the progress of my work at a glance!

I also love that it's available wherever I am, through the web app.

A big benefit for me is that I know without a doubt that nothing is slipping through the cracks. I have added every little task in my workflow to ShootZilla, like checking on a downpayment or if they returned my forms. I used to forget that sometimes before ShootZilla. I also use the ShootZilla workflow to remind me to mark my favorites of each wedding.

ShootZilla feels more professional in my business, it makes me proud to see how much I have accomplished, how many booked weddings I can attend to now.

I Save Time With ShootZilla

The overview of ShootZilla is what really makes me happy, I save time not thinking about what to do next and I look professional towards my brides and grooms being on top of my game and always emailing them at just the right time.

Everything related to my client is stored in one place in the cloud now.

All contracts, invoices or offers are stored with the client. If they send me an update I know where to file it. I never have to search for anything anymore.

I save a couple of hours each week because of that alone.

In the midst of this wedding photographer’s hectic life with ShootZilla I remain calm and at peace.

ShootZilla Changed My Life!

ShootZilla exceeds my expectations. I really feel so much at ease now instead of the panic attacks that I used to have. I can now look at my dashboard, close my computer and have a good time, where I used to be working all night since the wedding couples were always waiting (in my mind).

ShootZilla changed the way I work. Thanks to the tasks screen in ShootZilla I easily follow up 8 leads at once or send invoices all at once, instead of doing it when they come in, like I used to do.

ShootZilla saves me time & gives me peace of mind. It sounds big to say it about an app but ShootZilla practically changed my life!

It gives me peace of mind which gives me more time to do fun stuff

I love how everything is now in one place and no longer distributed in 3 different systems. I look at it daily and it gives me overview and control. I am no longer (feeling) behind on my tasks.

It gives me more peace of mind which gives me more time to do fun stuff and also gives me a break from thinking about the tasks in my business.

It provides a more uniform approach towards my couples. Before ShootZilla I was able to forget to do a task with one couple which would bother me and now all couples get the full experience when they book me. Nothing falls through the cracks.

I used to work with a spreadsheet with lots of colors and remembered a lot in my head. Now that is completely transferred to ShootZilla and it also saves all the contact details.

I now have more overview, fewer details to go over in my head. Like “Oh help, I have to do that!”

I also just booked a wedding through the ShootZilla network, Yay!

It saves me from worrying and feeling anxious the night before a wedding. I used to be going through all my notes to see if I didn’t forget anything. With ShootZilla everything is in one place.