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I have increased my revenues by 75%

Brigitte Burg Ruijtenbeek - Photographer

Shootzilla helps me on a daily base with staying up-to-date with my tasks and clients.

I love the green and blue markers on the dashboard ;-) but honestly ...I like the 'flow' that Shootzilla gives me.

I made several email templates in my photoshoot workflow. I do a lot of family shoots these days and with one certain e-mail, I have increased my revenues by 75%. So I have happy customers and they have a happy photographer! ;-)

It is always clear what I have 'to do today' and that gives me peace of mind and space for more creativity.

 Are you tired of always working?

If you're like most photographers you can feel like you always have work to do.

After all, your clients want the images sooner than later, right?

So how can you relax and enjoy an evening of Netflix with your loved one or dog and not feel guilty about letting your clients wait a little longer?

Seems impossible, but luckily it isn't! Your stressful days are almost a thing of the past.

chilling with a photography business software

ShootZilla has cleared my head in busy times

Karin Verhoog - Portrait Photographer

I LOVE ShootZilla! It makes my work so much easier. I know that all my customers are ok. I check my tasks overview once every day to see if something needs to be done. Now I can rest assured that I don't forget anything anymore!

Before I used ShootZilla I worked with written notes on my desk (and my hand and my computer) but that certainly doesn't do the trick for me.

My favorite part is absolutely the email integration! I can send an email using an email template within seconds and that saves me sooooo much time!

The biggest result for me is that working with ShootZilla has cleared my head in busy times. I don't have to think about all my clients, Shootzilla does that for me. I only have to focus on what is important right now.

Are you fed up with the never-ending to-do lists in your business?

Do you go from one to do list to the next and write new ones in between?

Do you think you should know what to work on first, but you are drawing a total blank?

Are you facing the pile of papers and the overflowing mailbox and feel tired and unable to make any decision?

Facebook and Instagram seem so appealing right about now...

I have an easy fix for you.  

tired of todo lists?

I am so much more professional towards my clients now

Mariska de Groot - Wedding & Portrait photographer

I am so much more professional towards my clients now. In the past, it happened that I sent out my wedding survey a couple days before the wedding! That causes stress for the couple as well! Now ShootZilla reminds me to send it in time… and the fun part is, I only have to press send!

Is your brain fried from doing all the things?

If you are like most photographers, you love capturing people's important memories! You love what you do and would almost do it for free. But the admin tasks are killing you. 

You want to bring your A game to your clients and you have so many fun ideas to make their experience even better. But how to implement even one of those ideas is beyond you.

After all, you have to do it all. Deliver images, create contracts, design and order albums, do the book keeping, send out invoices, reassure your clients, oh and marketing... let's not even go there. When was the last time you blogged?

Imagine having a system that allows you to focus on what's important.... helping you deliver your A game consistently and with so much less effort... 

brain fried without a system

Introducing ShootZilla, your photo business management system

An intuitive system that will automate tasks for you, will tell you exactly where you left off during hectic days and will basically help you get your life back while you are able to scale and grow your business! 

photography business software

Save time quickly
 without guessing and doubting

The 21-day Photography Business Transformation course will guide you day by day so you can change your business with ease and joy!

photography business course

Take a look inside the course


We start with what is most important first.

First of all I don't want to waste your time. And you need to know this because it will help you succeed.

Without this lesson you might find yourself with another course that you didn't take action on. And that's not what I want for you!

In this lesson, that I call the Most Important Lesson, we will go over:

  • Why your brain doesn't want you to get the new results. 
  • How to make the learnings from this course produce the results for you (in spite of your brain).
  • What to expect when you get the results and be prepared for it.

Daily Lessons

And then there are the daily lessons that provide you with action items that you can actually do next to your standing commitments.

  • Day 1 & 2 - You will implement workflows into your business resulting in peace of mind for you and clarity and ease for your clients. 
  • Day 3 & 4 - You will start to use ShootZilla that will keep track of the progress of all your clients ànd leads.
  • Day 5, 6, 7 - You will create a welcome pdf and welcome email that will increase your bookings.
  • Day 8 - The secret sauce to winning more bookings from your inquiries. All automated!
  • Day 9 - Setting up your website contact form so your inquiries move into ShootZilla automatically and you can then follow up with 3 clicks. Yes, please!
  • Day 10, 11, 12 - The secret to delivering a consistently great experience to your clients - without all the manual effort - will be revealed to you and you will implement it in your own business!
  • Day 13, 14, 15 - You will implement the biggest time saver in your photography business in just 3 days! Say goodbye to your overflowing email inbox.
  • Day 16, 17, 18 - You will get your clients involved and save time during sales consultations while booking more clients!
  • Day 19 - With the action items that you implement today you will create raving fans from your clients… on autopilot. 
  • Day 20 - Beat the feast-or-famine cycle. When you have implemented today’s actions, you will have a continuous personal marketing machine working for you. 
  • Day 21 - Celebrate! You created a brand new system in only 21 days, now it’s time to reap your rewards. From now on, you have an excellent work/life balance in your business, while your clients are getting an even better experience from you. Say hi to increased referrals and profitability and goodbye to chaos and overwhelm.

This could be you:


We booked more clients

Ioan Said - Wedding & Portrait Photographer

What I love most about Shootzilla is how the contact form integration from my website to Shootzilla immediately creates an event with a workflow for every inquiry that I get. Love it.

Scheduled emails. AMAZING.

The overview also makes me be able to switch off, knowing everything is under control.

Another big win after we started using Shootzilla is that we booked more clients. Some leads we thought had gone cold, we were able to convert into business without having to invest as much time as we used to.

With Shootzilla I feel confident that all my client's needs are addressed and I found that to be an immense weight lifted off my shoulders.


I consistently make 30-40% more revenue

Benny Ottosson - Wedding photographer

Thanks to ShootZilla I can now consistently upsell and market to my clients without having to think about it. I now make consistently 30-40% more revenue on every wedding.

For me, the most direct win when I started using ShootZilla was that I increased my revenue per customer radically. I also lose fewer leads because I keep them in my overview and get reminders to follow up with them, and I save a lot of time since everything is in one place.


I Know The Progress Of My Work In A Glance

Peter van der Lingen - Fine Art Wedding photographer

I work with the overview and the client screen the most. It's great to have the overview of where I am with all my bookings. I know immediately how many bookings I have and how far they are in my workflow. Before ShootZilla I filed every booking in a separate folder on my computer. When I needed to check on the status of clients before, I was digging into each folder and it took a lot of time.

With ShootZilla I can find stuff easily and I know the progress of my work at a glance!

I also love that it's available wherever I am, through the web app.

A big benefit for me is that I know without a doubt that nothing is slipping through the cracks. I have added every little task in my workflow to ShootZilla, like checking on a downpayment or if they returned my forms. I used to forget that sometimes before ShootZilla. I also use the ShootZilla workflow to remind me to mark my favorites of each wedding.

ShootZilla feels more professional in my business, it makes me proud to see how much I have accomplished, how many booked weddings I can attend to now.

What's the cost of not doing this? Do you want to continue like you are right now or do you want to change your business like you want it to be; a thriving business with a great work/life balance.

21-Day Transform your photography business course

Pay one time and get access to the course forever



100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your business and work/life balance is not transformed over the next 30 days, just let me know. Send me your complete homework from the 21-day course and I'll send you a prompt refund.


I have everything that is important for my business all together in one system

Heleen Klop - Photographer - Business owner

I use ShootZilla sometime now and it works like a charm to me. Don't know what to do if I didn't have the overview of my projects.

I love the workflow part. At any time I see what I have to do next, for every job. I can adjust the workflow very easily and add another one or just change it.

I photograph weddings but also families, corporate shoots and I give workshops and sell books. I'm using ShootZilla to manage all these projects so it is not only for photography jobs. I made a different kind of "mindset" in ShootZilla and everyone in our business has his/her own part. For example, our V.A. handles the "mindset" back office and my partner handles the financial part of the business as "mindset" Wim. This makes it very easy to give everyone tasks.

We are very happy with ShootZilla. We are not considering another system. Even on my phone, I have control over every part of a job. I have everything that is important for my business all together in one system.


I now focus on the tasks at hand

Tamara - Fotograaf

It's a great system to keep your client data up to date and to record everything you discuss with them. Esther loves to cooperate with the users of ShootZilla because she keeps improving the system and also implements requests that make using the tool easier and easier over time.

It provides me with an overview of all my outstanding inquiries and also a good overview of all my current clients. Everything I have discussed with them I have neatly organized in one system and it makes it super easy and quick to find something.
It provides me with clarity and peace of mind, my mailbox is always empty and everything is quickly archived.

I love the fact that you use tasks and deadlines in the workflows. It makes me focus on the tasks at hand and not occupy my mind with things I don't have to do anything with right now. Those tasks are 'green' on the dashboard so that's all good! Yay!


It gives me peace of mind which gives me more time to do fun stuff

Susan Eikenaar - Wedding photographer

I love how everything is now in one place and no longer distributed in 3 different systems. I look at it daily and it gives me overview and control. I am no longer (feeling) behind on my tasks.

It gives me more peace of mind which gives me more time to do fun stuff and also gives me a break from thinking about the tasks in my business.

It provides a more uniform approach towards my couples. Before ShootZilla I was able to forget to do a task with one couple which would bother me and now all couples get the full experience when they book me. Nothing falls through the cracks.

I used to work with a spreadsheet with lots of colors and remembered a lot in my head. Now that is completely transferred to ShootZilla and it also saves all the contact details.

I now have more overview, fewer details to go over in my head. Like “Oh help, I have to do that!”

I also just booked a wedding through the ShootZilla network, Yay!

It saves me from worrying and feeling anxious the night before a wedding. I used to be going through all my notes to see if I didn’t forget anything. With ShootZilla everything is in one place.

How do you know that this course will work for you?

Well, here is a simple question for you. Are these the problems that you have seen:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with all your work
  • Tired of searching for things
  • Tired of writing to do lists over and over again
  • Don't want to do all these recurring things anymore like writing emails and scheduling tasks in your calendar
  • Feeling nervous before shoots because you might have forgotten something
  • Not knowing how to prioritize your client work
  • Feeling like you're leaving money on the table but you are maxed out in terms of time and energy and you have no idea how to fix that
  • Feeling that you can achieve so much more but you're stuck in the day to day execution of your tasks

If that is you, you are a perfect fit for ShootZilla and the course.

P.S.: You might think "I'll think about it", before you click the close button on your browser. That's totally okay of course. 

But I want you to consider this. What do you have to lose by trying this out? 

We have a money back guarantee and if you don't like it, you move on! 

So sign up today. Quit making excuses. This CAN work for you too. 

I just don't want you to be looking back in a year, in the same place as you are now (or actually worse since you could have grown already so much further) wishing you had done this. So what's the harm in trying it? 

Your self esteem will be better. You'll have an amazing year of growth, you'll have more money. 

It's time to commit to being a photographer with a thriving photography business today. See you on the inside!

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