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Book More Brides By Getting Published [Free Marketing Strategy]

Do you find it hard to put yourself out there? Feel like you’re wasting time posting your work on social media where only your friends like your images?

Pay attention, because this FREE wedding photography marketing strategy will help you get in front of your dream audience over and over again in the best way possible. Getting your amazing images published on wedding blogs and in magazines.

So what does it mean exactly? To get published?

Getting your work published means you submit your images to wedding magazines or wedding blogs and they publish it to their audience. Now you suddenly reach a big audience filled with your ideal clients, without paying for it!

Excited yet? You should be! Let’s get started.

7 steps to book more brides by getting published

1. Get permission to get published

First off, you need your clients’ permission. So depending on how strict you want to do this, there are ways to make it easy for them to give permission. Make sure you know exactly what you can do with your images and have no doubts about it because that will only slow down the process later and will decrease your chances for success.
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2. Shoot for the details

All publications have one thing in common. They love details! So you should be a detail heavy shooter already, or you want to add that to your skill set. Then shoot every detail in as many formats as possible. Whether it be landscape and portrait, with a variety of angles, with different lenses, single shot or incorporated in the wedding story. This way, you have plenty of options to choose from later and you can submit the best range of images for every editor.

3. Submit your images to magazines and wedding blogsSubmit your images to magazines and wedding blogs - getting published photographer

You can either do it yourself or use software to make it easy and automated for you.
When you do it yourself, you have to read up on the submission requirements for every blog and magazine. They all have different requirements on the number of images, size of the images, the story of the images, black and white or color, etc. So pay attention to that because they get a LOT of submissions and not following their guidelines means they will reject your images automatically.
There is a software called TwoBrightLights that makes this whole process easier for you. The software helps you to submit your images to different publications so you have more chances to get your work published.

4. Keep the speed in your publications

Check on your submissions. All the blogs and magazines usually have deadlines to approve or reject the submissions. Make sure to check with them after that deadline to get an update on the status. You want to keep the speed in your publication flow. So when your images are approved or rejected you want to go ahead with the next step immediately.

5. Don’t make it personal

Don’t take rejections personally. Ask feedback to learn and improve and that’s it. Just submit to another blog or magazine and get on with your day. It doesn’t mean anything when your images are rejected. The only fact is that your images got rejected for that specific blog or magazine during the time that you submitted them. Everything else you make it mean in your mind is a story and doesn’t have to be true, so stop believing it.
It could just be that the images were not a great match for that blog, or that the timing was off and they just had a barn wedding published and they were looking for something else. There can be a gazillion reasons why your images were rejected so don’t waste too much time on it. Ask feedback, learn, improve and move on!

6. Share your publications
Share the good news to your clients and network! - how to get published as a photographer

You got published!! Yes, you made it. Now share the good news with your clients and share it with your network. Put a logo on your blog showing that your work is published on a blog or in a magazine. The blogs or magazines sometimes have logos that you can use. That will be a sign of credibility for your website visitors.

7. Get consistent with publications

Never skip a step of this process. When you make this a consistent part of your workflow your reach will grow exponentially in a year. So incorporate the steps in your workflow, create email templates and automate that part of the work. If you don’t have a workflow yet, start with the free workflow chart below.

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When you start to shoot a lot of details you will also love doing vendor marketing. Combine these two strategies and leverage your detail shots to reach an even bigger audience!

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