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The 7 Fears of Brides & Grooms When Choosing a Wedding Photographer (& How To Help Them Choose You)

In the previous episode of this series, I have told you how you could get the attention of your brides visiting your website.
Choosing a Wedding Photographer
So much attention even that they are willing to give you their email address.

Now, what are you going to do with this email address?

As you have learned, it takes a couple of touchpoints with a potential client before they will even consider you. Therefore, you are going to increase the contact points by email.

No one is helped by just emailing your portfolio to them.

They already saw that when visiting your website.

In the series of emails that you are going to send them you are going to educate them.

Usually, brides and grooms looking for a wedding photographer have a couple of fears that are objections in booking you if you don’t address them.

So in your emails, you want to educate them on how you are doing stuff in your wedding photography business that will take away their fears.

You will not bluntly talk about concerns or describe their ‘unspoken’ wishes. But you will proactively send them nice emails about how you work. So you can educate them in taking the best decision on booking a wedding photographer.

Of course, not all fears apply to all brides and grooms, but in my wedding photography business, I have seen those come up so many times that I think 80% applies to all of them.

7 Fears Clients have When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Fear no. 1 – I hate posing, I don’t want to pose


Here’s your chance to explain how you understand most people come looking for a wedding photographer that will not let them pose too much.

Tell them how you work so that usually posing doesn’t feel like posing.

Add testimonials from past brides on how they felt it was the best part of their wedding.

Tell them your mission is to provide some quality time together on their busy wedding day… etc. You can fill it in how it suits your philosophy.

The point you have to get across is that you understand them!

You understand that people usually have a bad experience with posing, that they don’t like stiff smiles, etc. If you get that point across, the rest is a bonus.

People want to feel understood.

Fear no. 2 – We want something different

In these days of Pinterest and wedding blogs, we come across more and more weddings who are unique in their approach. Brides & grooms are spending a lot of time to bring their personality to their weddings.

So what we hear a lot is ‚we want to have something different’ than “normal” wedding photography. You can use one of the emails to show that you understand your couples.

For example by explaining in a friendly email how you are always looking for the unique edge of a couple and their wedding day with some striking examples that only you could capture because of who you are.

Fear no. 3 – We don’t want to miss a thing


Not for all brides and grooms, but I hear it a lot. They want the moments in between, the moments when they are not watching, the looks of the loved ones when they are saying their vows; they want it all.

If you are a photographer duo, this is the time to put the whole two shooter approach with all its pro’s in the spotlight.

If you are a single shooter, you can highlight the possibility to bring a second shooter. Or just manage expectations that you may not cover every detail but that your strong point is that you are really focused on genuine emotions, whether they are from the bride & groom or from the parents who are watching.

Again, showing you understand your (potential) clients is key.

Fear no. 4 – We don’t want a creepy guy on our wedding day

Try to understand this fear. They are bringing a total stranger on their wedding day. The day they sometimes only share with their intimate friends and family. And this stranger is going to be close too!

So send an email that’s all focused around you! You with kids, animals, your sports, your hobbies, things you love and hate. Everything!

And also show them how you work. Do you have a video of you behind the scenes? Show it! Or maybe some shots from different weddings so they see how you dress when working (another fear that you can address in the same email).

Fear no. 5 – We want our images fast!


Some couples heard horror stories about the album being delivered a year later. Tell them what your policy is and how you provide some excellent service with that.

If you are offering sales sessions, tell them when they can expect an invitation to view the images in your gorgeous studio with a glass of champagne to celebrate.

If you are more the shoot ‚n share kind of photographer, show them how their images will look beautiful in a branded DVD or on an online delivery system.

Most of all, show them you have a solid business with deadlines that you offer all your clients. People want to know what they can expect and again, want to feel understood.

Fear no. 6 – I don’t know what to order, OR I want to order prints myself

This email depends on what your business model is.

Some brides & grooms would like to have their digital files, so they are in control on what to do with their images. If you accommodate that in your business then you should let them know that that is an option.

However, when your focus is on delivering albums and prints more than the digital files, then this is your chance to tell them about that. How you provide an excellent service in creating the best possible artwork for their homes after the wedding.

This one all depends on how you want to run your business and to create that as a sales pitch to your brides & grooms.

You want to be honest here because you don’t wish to book the wrong clients for you and have a problem with how you deliver their images down the road!

Fear no. 7 – I want to book a superb wedding photographer, but I have no idea how to determine if the wedding photographer is any good

Shootzilla Blog Images Insert

Explain that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If they like your images, they are almost there, the rest of the journey is just to get to know each other.

If you ever won an award or were mentioned in a wedding blog, now is the time to boost that. An award counts as an external authority that is saying that your images are da bomb!

I would recommend sending this as a final email filled with lots of testimonials from previous clients.

Also, mention how your calendar is fully booked every year or how many spots you have left for this season – this will create scarcity in their mind. So they will more quickly take action to see if you are still available on their date.

Finally and most importantly, add a couple of clear invitations to pick up the phone to book an appointment with you or to just check if you are available via your website inquiry form.

Automate your fear-addressing emails

Now for every bride that signs up on your website because of the tempting ebook that they will receive (see the previous post), you will set up an autoresponder with these seven messages.

Every few days they will receive a new message that educates them, and that will spark a reminder of you about your beautiful images. The autoresponder will make sure everyone gets that message, and you will not have to worry about it at all.

All you have to do is to be prepared for a lot more inquiries!

Here are some helpful videos on how to set up your autoresponder in MailChimp and setting up a drip campaign in madmimi.

I have created a handy guide of the 7 fears of brides and grooms when booking a wedding photographer (and how you can help them choose you). And this will not only list the above fears in more detail. But, it will also show you how you can educate your email readers on each of the fears. And it provides an example mail template for the first mail of the series that gets them excited for what is to come.

With this guide, you will increase your speed in setting up your own autoresponder. Sign up to get the guide. If you are already on our list, you will not receive mailings twice.

I would love to hear your stories on how it worked for you. So please email me or write them in the comments. If you liked this list and recognized the fears, please like the article below!

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