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Jun 29

10 Celebrations For Your Photography Business

By shootzilla | Blog

There are so many things to celebrate for. From the moment we wake up until the time we’re bound to sleep, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate life as it is. But do we give ourselves time to celebrate? What reasons do we have to celebrate? Why do you celebrate? What are you […]

Feb 04

5 Steps to Realize Your Dreams with Coffee

By shootzilla | Grow your business

Chaos When I interviewed lots of photographers a few years ago, I heard they mentioned the word Chaos regularly when they described how they felt and what their biggest frustration was. Too many moving parts, too many details, too many different clients that all want something different. And since we are artists and very service […]

Jan 27

How to know your photos are good enough?

By shootzilla | Becoming a photographer

How do you know when your photos are good enough? This is such a good question, and I think a lot of photographers are undercharging because they feel their photos aren’t good enough (or for various other reason for example; not being able to afford their offering, thinking they love their job so much they […]

Jan 26

My 3 Best Investments for 2015

By shootzilla | Inspiration

My 3 best investments for photographers are not the typical ones you see on the Internet. There is no hardware involved, just mindset! But oh, will it pay you back. In 2015, I dedicated my year to personal growth in the ‘feeling’ department. I wanted to be more aware of my feelings instead of hiding […]