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Dec 18

The Ultimate Workflow for Successful Mini Sessions

By shootzilla | Grow your business

Tips for doing mini sessions I learned a lot from Nicole Begley over at Photography Spark. After doing mini sessions for three years she shared the biggest learnings with doing mini sessions. The difference between being: exhausted and not having much to show for it money wise and doing mini sessions effortlessly and seeing her […]

Oct 09

9 Useful Wedding Photography Marketing Ideas

By shootzilla | Grow your business

First, find out what works for you I have a photographer friend who doesn’t have a website or social media account. He makes over 200k a year by shooting Bar Mitzvahs. His marketing techniques are networking and providing a perfect, consistent experience. When I had 2Rings as my wedding photography business, I focused mainly on […]

Jul 17

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Photography Business

By shootzilla | Grow your business

Congrats! You are at the place where bookings are consistent and you have an actual photography business going on. Here’s the ultimate guide to growing your business with more photography marketing. Booking high-end clients to grow your photography business How do you find clients who are willing to actually pay for photography, when so many people are […]

May 19

Did You Define Your Ideal Photography Client Yet?

By shootzilla | Book Weddings

First up, let’s start with why. Why your ideal client will increase your revenues 1. When you work with your ideal client, you will have more fun. Duh. That one is simple right? Your ideal client gets you, understands what you want because you are on the same plane. Also, your ideal client hired you […]

Mar 19

How to Boost Your Product Sales in 8 Ways

By shootzilla | Grow your business

Now that you have more bookings coming in, let’s see if we can increase the revenues per booking. Selling what? Product sales. Think albums, wall art, digital files and more. Are you offering products? What are your best selling items? What do you want to sell more of? These products will be discussed on a […]

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