Regular Blogging That Generates Bookings for Photographers on Autopilot

Without Writers Block, Stress & Long Backlogs of Posts to Write

Are You a Photographer Who Has a Long Backlog of Blog Posts To Write?

You want to blog and you see the value for your business, but somehow blogging always falls off the to-do list first. Consistency in your updates is nowhere to be found and you doubt if blogging is worth the 'trouble'.

As you might know blogging is invaluable for your clients to get to know you and your work & to find you in Google where most people start their search for a photographer. Why is it then so hard to make it a consistent practise in your business?

Well, it's not urgent. Your clients are not demanding you to write a blog post. They just want their images!

So it is something that you have to do pro actively, like many things in your photography business. And with those things, you have to motivate yourself to do them.

And then there is doubt that creeps up on you when you finally make yourself write a long overdue blog post. What to write? What if it sounds dumb, what will people think of me, are my images good enough, etc etc. 

And then finally, you wonder if your blog posts are really attracting your clients anyway. And then you get interrupted or distracted and when you come back you decide to work on something else first so your backlog grows longer and longer.

Does Your Blog Get You The Results?

When you share your blog posts online, on social media, do you get a lot of likes and attention? Or hardly any?

The likes and comments are nice, but what you are really after are inquiries for your services and ultimately bookings. Let's not keep a time intensive marketing channel like a blog alive when it doesn't generate results that help your business thrive, shall we?

So can you say without a doubt that your blog is generating those results for you?

Your blog should bring you the right visitors that ultimately book your services on autopilot.

Blogging should get you the results you want

Blogging should be easy so there is no backlog

Blogging should bring you the clients you love

Pulling Out Your Hair Because You
 Don't Know What To Write?

You have some great images from perfect photo shoots that you want to share, but now what? Again the same old same old 'We had a great time, the weather really helped, the people were awesome....' stuff?

You are telling yourself, you can do better than this!!

I know how you feel because I have been there and many other photographers told me they struggle with the same thing. Luckily there is a solution...

  • You want to know your blog posts are generating results. And even knowing what blog posts performed better than other blog posts would be nice.
  • You want your own personal system on what to write. No more doubts on what to write, always knowing where to start and knowing what to write.
  • You want the whole process of blogging to be easy and fast. Having clear tools and processes that make the whole writing, publishing and sharing of a blog post a breeze. Even if you get disturbed 10.000 times by your kids or the neighbors dog. 

What If Blogging Didn't Have To Be This Way...

In my 9 years of running photography businesses and photography related businesses there was one area that really helped my businesses thrive. Blogging.

I loved reaching out to my clients from the comfort of my home but I soon realized there was an art to blogging.

I educated myself in many courses and many late nights and I perfected my craft so I could really finally benefit from a well oiled machine that brought me interested people on autopilot. People that were genuinely interested in my services and they arrived in my inbox even while I slept! 

Blogging has always helped my business thrive without the need for additional advertisements. 

That's why I feel strongly about blogging for photographers, but when I was coaching photographers on business related topics I saw so many photographers struggle in that area. 

So I decided to bundle my knowledge in a course and make it available for whoever wants to build their own machine that brings in inquiries on autopilot!

Blogging allowed me to reach my clients from the comfort of my home

Are you a photographer that runs a business but isn't seeing the regular results that you are after? Are you wondering how to ever get that blogging under control? Regularly getting a headache when you pain your brain on what to write? Let's continue together, shall we?

The Blogging Course for Photographers is Here!
 “The Blog System for Photographers”

The Blog System For Photographers is the Perfect Resolution For Your Blog Struggles.

Like I said, I created a course that will help you tackle all the things we talked about. During the course you will create your own Blog System that allows you to blog regularly, with results, with minimum effort and maximum ease.

What is inside the course: The course can be followed at your own pace so you can speed through certain parts and take more time for other parts, customize it to your own knowledge level. 

What Will The Blog System Bring You?

blog course for photographers
  • 1
    Attracting your ideal client: You will write posts that appeal to your ideal client and they will also be super relevant depending on what state your client is in.
  • 2
    Know how to get results online: with the method that I teach you, you will finally know why those Facebook "boost posts" never paid off and what to do instead (hint: use the blog system).
  • 3
    Know what to write: with the learnings from the module 'How to make blogging fun & effortless' you will never come up with blanks again.
  • 4
    The Blog System: this module will help you create your own Blog System so you can follow your own step-by-step system from now on. 
  • 5
    We Love Google: the basics of SEO so you can be found on Google and more importantly the changes to make on your website so your Google visitors will become clients one day.
  • 6
    Headlines that turn heads: the secret of headlines that will make your social media fans actually want to read your blog posts. 

Most Important Lesson 

There is one lesson that I like to call the Most Important Lesson. In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why your brain actually doesn't want you to get the new results. 
  • How to make the learnings from this course actually produce the results for you (in spite of your brain).
  • What to expect when you get the results and be prepared for it.

Most Important Feature 

For a lot of photographers the writer's block is real! That's why there is a helpful worksheet in the lesson on 'knowing what to write' that I use to train you in your 'hidden' natural voice.

You will discover that you can actually write effortlessly!!

This worksheet is linked to me, so whenever you are in doubt you can check in with me to ask for additional guidance and I will provide feedback on your answers.

All this to ensure you are getting the results from this course!

See what some of the previous students have to say:

Esther gets to the heart of what makes you come alive, and how to write effectively in your own personal voice

I loved the personalized help that I got from Esther on my "homework." It was great to get feedback, reassurance that I was on the right track, or to hear that I needed to fill out the details a bit more. I loved the homework assignments. That's kind of crazy to say, I know. But the homework really helped me to take time to understand and apply the concepts to myself, to my business, and to my clients. All too often we take notes and file it away "to do later" -- but without immediate action, there won't be any change!

None of the courses I have taken, measure up to the Blog System for Photographers. Esther really gets to the heart of helping you determine your ideal client, what makes you come alive, and how to write effectively in your own personal voice.

Esther was so encouraging. There were a few times when I was a bit stuck on the homework. With a little reassurance and direction from Esther, I was excited to give it a second shot -- successfully. Even though I haven't met Esther in person, during this course I found her to be enthusiastic, encouraging and motivating.

Thank you for your willingness to share and educate photographers about how to connect with their audience!!!

Betsy Finn Photographer

I was able to implement what I learned immediately!

In the lessons I have learned soooo many tips and tricks on how to make my blog posts more interesting and to get a system on how to write, schedule and publish in less time and with less stress.

My favorite part was the lessons on writing good titles and the part where you get to fill in the sheet on how to plan your posts step by step (what content, how often, etc).

The course is a lot more practical than other courses I did on blogging. I was able to implement what I learned immediately!

I already changed a couple of my existing blog posts, updated the SEO and shared them again on social media!

Laura Elkhuizen owner / photographer

Lesson 6 was eye-opening

The Blog System for photographers course was good! Nice short videos with really good practical tips. Things I can really use!

Lesson 6 was eye-opening. It makes sense to look at the whole of your website, and that is not something I had done before, so great input.

I have done a literary blog course once and that was completely different. I preferred this.

Bonny Vrielink Fotograaf

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The Blog System for Photographers

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  • The Blog System for Photographers
  • Individual personalized feedback from Esther

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your website's number of inquiries over the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. I only have one demand, you have to go all in and do all the homework and I want you to show me that you did. 

I noticed a LOT of click-through activity to my new blog posts!

I have been managing my own blog and website since 2005 -- but there was so much helpful information in this course that I felt like a complete newbie! The lessons break a big job down into manageable "homework assignments" -- which will immediately impact the effectiveness of your website and blog.

As I did complete the homework, I started implementing things immediately. I discovered that the posts I wrote during this course were much more personable, much more engaging, and much easier to read. When I posted links to the posts on social media, I noticed a LOT of click-through activity to those pages.


Engagement at the Troll in Dexter, MI

Making time to enjoy baseball

This course has been fantastic for my understanding of how to blog & how to track the real results that matter, so I can get the "right traffic" to my site and convert them into clients.

Betsy Finn Photographer

I found the last 2 lessons VERY interesting and the 2 bonuses (A LOT!) with all those helpful links!

Your course is very clear & simple to follow.

I did other classes/course in the past but I found the last 2 lessons VERY interesting and the 2 bonuses (A LOT!) with all those helpful links!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your effort.

Paolo wedding photographer

But... I don't have enough visitors on my website, you say?

You may think that this course is not for you if you have just started out and your website doens't have a lot of traffic yet. Well, why not start on the right foot? I wish I knew all this when I started! It would have saved me from writing some terrible blog posts that gave me a lot of visitors but they were all not coming for my services! Talking about screwing up your statistics! 

You can hit the ground running with this course and as a Bonus I have added a document with a lot of ways to generate traffic for your website!

But I suggest you don't dive into those tactics before you have optimized your blog so your website visitors will actually convert to your leads and clients! 

How do you know that this course is right for you?

Actually, you can never be sure. So you have to make an estimated guess. If you are a photographer and you feel like your website is not doing you a great service, this course is right for you. The methods I teach have brought many photographers the results they were after. 

"Successful bl​ogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a LOYAL following over time.”

David Aston

Esther is quick to address any questions by email

I really enjoyed the 7 module course Esther has drawn up, as blogging is an essential part of having a business.

My favorite part were the last 2 chapters on headlines and the special list of blog tips and resources. That really got me going.

Esther helped me also super quick with her input when I emailed her a question!

Nicole lifestyle photographer

Good information, clear layout, easy to follow

It was a good course. Good information, clear layout, easy to follow. My favorite part was how you organized the system.

I also liked how you talked in your videos.

Benny Ottosson Photographer

P.S.: You might think "I'll think about it", before you click the close button on your browser. Imagine where you will be one year from now if you start to implement this course today? You will have your own blog system up and running and fine tuned with leads coming in on autopilot. Don't overthink this. You know it if you need this course and I want you to have it and be successful with it. What I don't want for you is in one year, that you are exactly where you are today. I have been there, and it doesn't feel good. Let's create something new and exciting together!

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