Become a client magnet - Part 2

Become a Client Magnet – Part 2

Last week at the webinar I was asked the question again; “How do I get more clients?”.

And since I answered it differently than in my previous post, I will answer it again. In a different way.

Because getting clients is a multi-disciplinary thing. You want to align mind, body and spirit ;-) and …. channels!

My previous blog post was about controlling your mind.

Today we are going to discuss something more practical.

Are you using enough marketing channels?

What are your marketing channels?

How can people discover you?

I researched a few successful photographers and found that they were always using a couple of marketing channels extensively. And the very successful businesses were extremely skilled in using certain channels.

Photographer 1:
Excellent in blogging (more than 2 times a week)
Great in referral marketing and customer experience
Great in personal branding
Great in social media
Great in networking
Great in getting images published on blogs
Non-existent on winning photography awards

Photographer 2:
Excellent in photography and winning awards
Great in blogging
Great in social media
Less personal branding
No publications

Photographer 3:
Great in referral marketing and customer experience
Great in blogging
Excellent in social media, for example being one of the early adopters of Snap chat or Periscope
Less personal branding
Fewer publications

So three different photographers. And they all have their own unique combinations of what works for them. You can tell that it takes less effort for them to be excellent in one channel, that it is just their passion. They could do it every minute of the day.

For me, I have discovered I like to write. But I have to be diligent about it. After having not written for a week I felt I was denying myself something. So I started this morning with writing. And it started to flow.

I know that it works like that for the photographers that I listed above. They just love their blogging, or their social media or going the extra mile for that award-winning photo. They could not stop doing it if they tried.

List and rate your marketing channels

So I challenge you. List the channels in which you are visible. And rate each channel with a 1, 2, or 3-star rating.

  1. Excellent > I love doing this!
  2. Great > I am consistent in doing it even though it takes me some effort.
  3. Visible > I am visible but very rarely do I take action here to improve

Make sure you have at least 5 or 6 channels and make sure you are at least Great in 3 or 4 of them. If you are already Excellent in one, great!
If there is no 1 in your list, try to find that hidden passion of yours.

Maybe you can create a new channel out of that? For example, I once talked to a photographer that hated writing but when I opted for her to do little videos during or after shoots, she got totally excited. Maybe there is already a thing that you love to do, that you can transform into an effortless marketing channel.

Be aware of your workload and how it grows your business

With more marketing channels to attend, the workload may increase. That’s why you should consider automating a few channels as soon as you’re getting too busy and you are dropping the ball in terms of consistency.

Allow yourself to grow.

If you are not already doing referral marketing by giving a great customer experience, consider using ShootZilla. That will automate the experience for you while still keeping it extremely personal for your clients!

More free time and more referrals. I want to try that.

Let me know your channels in the comments!

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