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We had a tough time staying on top of things

When I started out as a wedding photographer together with my photography partner Marco, we quickly became busy, very busy. In fact, so busy that we had a tough time staying on top of things.
And since I love marketing and creating a wonderful experience for my clients I always had a million things to remember on top of the 'normal' photography stuff. Like blogging, sending pictures to vendors, keeping in touch with old clients, sending unexpected thoughtful or helpful messages and gifts and staying active on social media, just to name a few.
We became quickly successful as in fully booked, but what a roller coaster that was! It felt like work never stopped and there was always this lingering feeling in the back of my mind. Had I thought of everything?
And those thoughts are not very helpful when you are in the middle of a shoot 😄.

So I was looking at a way to be able to take on less weddings and stumbled on the Foundation. It was a course to build software in six months and I had the perfect idea in my head. Something that would help me manage the whole client workflow in my business!
I started to interview lots of colleagues to make sure I wasn't building something that only I needed. And I quickly realized I was on to something.
I asked for pre investment from a small group of founding members and so I was able to get the first version of ShootZilla funded. Whoo hay!! 

managing clients became effortless and fun

With the help of ShootZilla I was able to keep track of all my clients without effort. ShootZilla was guiding me (and all my founding members) and telling me exactly what to do next. No more thinking all day if I had forgotten something. No more distractions and procrastinations, I always knew exactly what to do next!

Thanks to ShootZilla managing clients and making sure they had a superb experience from their first visit to the website to the final delivery of albums or images became effortless and fun.

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I reduced my weddings more and more as ShootZilla grew and now nothing makes me more happy than hearing from my users how ShootZilla is making them more professional & productive. How it's increasing their revenues and giving them peace of mind so they get to enjoy their friends and family time more. They even say things like 'it has changed my life' and 'I have my life back'.

I love helping photographers grow their business

So maybe you are wondering, don't you miss photography now? I do miss it occasionally. But luckily I have my iPhone and I shoot images every day. It's no longer my job and my images don't have to be perfect quality any more. I love to be more present with my kids and in my life and less focused on documenting everything. 

My job is now with my ShootZilla clients and I it's absolutely satisfying to help them grow their business towards more profitability and fun. Getting to know all these cool photographers on the way is a big plus! 

I offer occasional coaching for photographers, if you feel like you want to get results faster, click the button below.

Who is Esther really?

I am a mother of 2 wonderful daughters, am married to Jelmer who is definitely in the race for best husband / man of the year (friends agree).
I love spending time learning. I'm on a quest to happiness & feeling good. I read everything related to that. I also love to educate myself business wise and have done numerous courses for that.
I love improving myself without getting too stressed about it, the feeling good element is always the most important one to me.
I love cooking, creating, writing, moving, uplifting others, going outside, running, doing workouts, appreciating, having fun with friends and drinking some wines and enjoying some nice foodies with that.
I regularly feel like I have won the lottery in life.

Things you will hear me say regularly:
Today is going to be great!
This is delicious!!!!
Anyone up for a walk?

This is awesome!!
Tea/ wine anyone?
Let's get some cake.
I don't feel great, I'm going to take a nap.

photo of Esther founder of ShootZilla