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Welcome to a proven solution to get your life back and grow your photography business. Follow the steps to get overview, leverage your time and implement proven organic marketing strategies! 

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And.... ShootZilla, intuitive photo studio software 

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  • no more overwhelm & chaos
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I have increased my revenues by 75%

Shootzilla helps me on a daily base with staying up-to-date with my tasks and clients.

I love the green en blue markers on the dashboard ;-) but honestly ...I like the 'flow' that Shootzilla gives me.

I made several email templates in my photoshoot workflow. I do a lot of family shoots these days and with one certain e-mail, I have increased my revenues by 75%. So I have happy customers and they have a happy photographer! ;-)

It is always clear what I have 'to do today' and that gives me peace of mind and space for more creativity.

Brigitte Burg Ruijtenbeek , Photographer

We booked more clients

What I love most about Shootzilla is how the contact form integration from my website to Shootzilla immediately creates an event with a workflow for every inquiry that I get. Love it.

Scheduled emails. AMAZING.

The overview also makes me be able to switch off, knowing everything is under control.

Another big win after we started using Shootzilla is that we booked more clients. Some leads we thought had gone cold, we were able to convert into business without having to invest as much time as we used to.

With Shootzilla I feel confident that all my client's needs are addressed and I found that to be an immense weight lifted off my shoulders.

Ioan Said , Wedding & Portrait Photographer

ShootZilla Changed My Life!

ShootZilla exceeds my expectations. I really feel so much at ease now instead of the panic attacks that I used to have. I can now look at my dashboard, close my computer and have a good time, where I used to be working all night since the wedding couples were always waiting (in my mind).

ShootZilla changed the way I work. Thanks to the tasks screen in ShootZilla I easily follow up 8 leads at once or send invoices all at once, instead of doing it when they come in, like I used to do.

ShootZilla saves me time & gives me peace of mind. It sounds big to say it about an app but ShootZilla practically changed my life!

Simone Janssen , Wedding photographer

FINALLY got my workflow in place and can ensure best customer service

Pros: With ShootZilla if FINALLY got my workflow in place and can ensure best customer service and reliability for my clients. The software really forces you to think about what your ideal workflow is and incorporate it step by step. Now I can take on more clients and still be on top of all the processes with amazing peace of mind. Shootzilla is very easy to use and quite customizable. It really opened my eyes in regards of professionality and streamlining. On top of that, the customer service is incredible: the team of Shootzilla know the photography field very well and is usually back to you with a helpful answer within 24 hours.

Signing up for Shootzilla was one of the top 5 most valuable business investments of my career as a photographer. If you are considering doing it: stop thinking and try it out for yourself!

Cons: There is really nothing bad about the software. I personally would wish some more customized options but I understand that my needs might not be everyone else's. Either way, Shootzilla spot on covers 95% of all I would ever wish for in a client management system.

Overall: Peace of mind, incredible increase of efficiency, better customer service, more income

Christina Puszkar , professional photographer ChrisP Photography

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