UPDATE: what’s new in Shootzilla?

Behind the scenes we’re always working hard to improve the software you are using and adding new features wherever we can.

In the first quarter of 2020 we:

  • Updated the complete framework where the software is built on to make sure we are ready for the future and can continue developing new features for you.
  • Implementation of new look & feel throughout the app
  • Extra values to choose from when creating your email Templates: we added “Shoot Location”, “Shoot Time” & “Job Name” on top of already existing “First Names”, “Shoot date” and “Link to Contact Form”
  • Inserting Values (like described above) now also works in Email Subjects
  • Now you can sort & delete your email templates
  • User experience update in Workflows screen, more icons instead of text labels
  • When creating or editing a workflow, you can choose to send out Email templates automatically or not.
  • From within your job you can schedule emails to your clients on specific dates and times. Those can be one time emails or recurring emails once a week, month or year. These emails will still continue even if you archive the Job as completed.
  • Click on AUTO OFF to toggle to AUTO ON to send email automatically on Due Date.
  • You can create multiple website forms now for specific webpages on your website to bring your enquiries automatically into Shootzilla.
  • Email settings are updated and a bug is deleted that caused some email sending problems.

If you have any specific features you would like us to implement, please let us know and we’ll review them and implement them if possible.

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