6 Tips to Sell More Products with Your Photography Shoots

6 Tips to Sell More Products with Your Photography Shoots

As photographers, the services we offer are our mainstream of income, if not the only stream. But how about adding more value by selling products with photos from your work? Not only it can give you an added value to your work, it can also bring you an additional income.

But how to sell more products with your photography shoot? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Offer it as a bundle

Clients are more likely to buy photo products when it’s bundled with the service they’re looking for. This way, you give them a price of your service plus the products, which not only will simplify things, but also significantly improves your product sales.

Products offered separately is often seen as an additional cost, which clients tend to avoid. Convince them that they’re getting a good deal by paying for your service and the products.

But what products can you give as a bundle?

For wedding photographers, you can design exclusive wedding albums and include it as a part of the package. You can also create another package that offers wedding albums for the bride’s and groom’s parents. Alternatively, you can also include decor products like framed photos or canvas prints, or even a bundle of thank-you cards.

Similarly, if you do engagement or pre-wedding photo sessions, you can offer save-the-date cards as a part of the bundle. When you do the photo session, remember to take a few photos specifically for this purpose. This means creating photos with negative space for the texts. You can check out these pre-wedding photoshoot tips to help you nail the session.

You can offer more than one products in a bundle. Just be sure to create different types of bundles so your clients can choose the one that suits them best.

Advertise the products as a part of the package

  1. Advertise the products as a part of the package

When you advertise your service on your website, social media, or offline events, make sure you also advertise the products that are included in the offers. Take great photos that show the quality of the products, and also the shots of the products in use or on display. Post it on your website and social media channels, and emphasize that this is the bonus that comes with your service: high-quality, personalized products for each client.

Pro tip: Give them something extra that they can’t get somewhere else. It can be a custom design that they requested, better materials for the products, or something as little as beautiful packaging box.

  1. Do in-person sales sessions

In-person sales session often makes photographers uncomfortable, but this is one of the most effective ways to increase your product sales. Whether you’re at a wedding fair or a pre-session consultation, make sure you make the most of your interaction with your clients.

Here are a few important things you can do to encourage clients to buy your products:

  • Don’t be salesy – nobody likes it when they feel like they’re pressured to buy something. Instead, help your clients understand the importance of keeping their memories well-documented in a tangible way. Show the value of the products as something they can keep for the years to come.
  • Let them experience the products. Give them a chance to peruse the sample album, look closely to see the quality of the wall art. The opportunity to see and hold the actual products is the ultimate thing that can convince them to buy the products.

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If you feel uncomfortable about doing sales sessions, join us in the Photographer Mastermind. Here we will automate and implement these and other processes together ànd discover your blind spots that keep you stuck, so your photography business can grow to new heights.


  1. Give the opportunity for clients to choose their favorite photos

For clients, being able to choose the photos they like to be in the photo album or on the decor product is a perk that is hard to resist. This way, you give an assurance to the clients that the photos they’ll see on the products will be the photos they love.

To make it attractive, you can put the emphasis on the fact that clients can personalize and customize the products with the photos of their choice.

Give bulk discounts

  1. Give bulk discounts

Encourage your clients to buy more products with the classic bulk discount strategy. The more they buy, the more discount they get. You can give bulk discounts to save-the-date cards or thank-you notes, photo prints, or even photo albums.

  1. Use beautiful and useful packaging

While the packaging is not the main thing that you would offer to clients, it’s a factor that can make your product more appealing. Anything that is aesthetically pleasing will improve your chance of selling your products, and that includes the packaging.

It would be even better if the packaging is something that clients can use in their daily life. For example, you can use a beautiful recycled wooden box for the photo albums, or well-designed canvas bag to wrap decor products.

We hope these tips can help you sell more products!

Written by Dixie Thamrin

Dixie Thamrin is a writer and photographer, working as a digital marketer at Photojaanic. She discovered her love of photography during her first solo-travel around Europe in 2012. Since then, she’s used it along with her writing to tell stories from different corners of the world, all chronicled under her personal blog, Her Little Journal.


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