Sneak Preview Scheduled Email Feature

Woohoo, it’s almost there, the new Email feature. I made a video so you can see what it will look like when we unlock this feature for everyone:

What can you do with the scheduled emails feature?

I will give you some inspiration already, will elaborate more in blogs later on.

  • Create email template for connecting on Facebook. I hardly ever take the time to do that, but I am sure it would increase the number of couples connecting with me if I send them a nice email saying why I want to connect with them.
  • Create email templates for a payment plan. I am sure it would help some couples if they could pay me in a couple of terms. When the emails are written and scheduled for me, it’s no hassle anymore!
  • Create email template for the facebook preview. I am so excited to share the first images with my clients online, that I sometimes forget to send them an email notification with a link to their high res images (we use Pass so we share these at once) as well.
  • Same for sharing of the blog, of course. I include all the next steps after the blog so my clients are fully informed every step of the way which will decrease the number of questions they have and will make them feel very secure.
  • A thank you note when they paid one of their terms. They always appreciate that, and I usually forget that. However, I do check if the client paid their term so I might as well create an email template for it, and my couples will be happy because of the great communication & service.
  • A thank you email when they filled out my wedding questionnaire! How many times they emailed me if I received it… now I can just press send on a friendly email that thanks them for filling it in and informs them on the next step towards their wedding day.

I can think of a lot of extra emails that I would love to be sending to my clients as a great service of informing them. What would you add to the mix? List your ideas below, and I might add them to the ShootZilla templates!

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