ShootZilla makes you even more productive with the new overview

New Jobs overview

Thanks to a lot of feedback from our users we were able to add some nice changes to the old dashboard or Jobs overview.

Everyone wanted the possibility to check tasks right from the overview, so we added that. Some people would love to see the faces of their clients, so we added that. And photographers that have many different workflows like weddings, portraits, corporate shoots, seniors, etc., wanted the possibility to view all their workflows together in a chronological order. Done and done!

We hope you like the new Jobs overview. And even if you have played with it already, watch this recording since there are some nice hidden functionalities that will make your live easier!

Possibility to upload profile pictures for your clients

photographer job overview - upload your own picture of your clientShootZilla automatically updates your clients profile picture if they enter their social media accounts in your contact details form. However, not every client does that, and you do want to remember what they looked like right? So we added the possibility to add your picture of them to their contact details. Now you can snap a quick iPhone-picture of them at your first meeting and when the wedding day arrives you immediately know again what they looked like!

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