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Making money with photography – Case Study Benny Ottosson

Today I want to introduce you to Benny Ottosson. Benny is a wedding and fashion photographer and lives on the Swedish west coast. He also holds workshops on wedding photography, lighting, workflow, etc. and since about half a year he is an avid user of ShootZilla.

Since I saw how he quickly became a power user I asked him a couple of questions. He shares a lot of wisdom on how he is making more money with photography thanks to ShootZilla, so stay tuned!

Who is Benny Ottosson?

I am married and have two children and three grandchildren. I have photographed full-time since 2008. I photograph most weddings in Scandinavia, but have also done weddings in Greece and the USA.
On weekends (when I’m not shooting) I love to hang out with my children and grandchildren. I also like to travel and everything related to diet and health.
I like to eat healthy good food with a glass of red wine. After that, I love to watch a movie with Julia Roberts.

What is your calling/ motto/ belief in life & photography?

Increase revenue per photography client - case study Benny

I love to make people beautiful in my images. To show that there is something beautiful in all people.

I also love to catch the bridal couple’s big day in a beautiful wedding album. I love communicating with people during a shooting. Mainly the psychological bit of shooting.

What is your photography niche and how did you find your niche?

Making money with photography - blog - image by Benny Ottosson

I photograph mostly weddings and fashion. I fell for the weddings by chance.

My son had photographed a wedding for a friend and I thought it looked like great fun. I also love to teach colleagues to get better at photography and business.

How did your Photography business journey develop?

I lost my job in 2008 and decided to make a living as a photographer.

Weddings and workshops raised rapidly in numbers and I managed to get a good income in this.

I did around 27 weddings in 2009 and 2010. Now I charge much more, and I do about 15 weddings per year.

Benny behind the scenes

I asked Benny why he started to use ShootZilla.

Before I found ShootZilla, I had no good overview of my business.

I had no system for a good marketing workflow to generate the upsell that I knew I could make.

I had all my photo shoots and workshops scattered in many different applications and documents like Excel, calendar, email, etc..

I tried to be in control of my workflow. But it was really messy and I lost a lot of time and momentum with all my customers and I had no overview.

Needless to say I fell immediately in love with ShootZilla first time I saw it.

Now I could finally systematize marketing, communications and my sales & upselling.

I got a total overview of all of my photography jobs and even my workshops.

The three best things about ShootZilla for me:

  1. The overview with reminders
  2. My customers’ requests going straight into the system
  3. I can systematically process the customer through the complete upselling emails, and I get increased income through that. Almost automatically!

Increase photography income

I also like that it is possible to tailor ShootZilla for my needs and wishes. Okay, four best things :-).

Oh, and besides that I feel more calm & at peace, thanks to an organized workflow & overview.

For me, the most direct win when I started using ShootZilla was that I increased my revenue per customer radically with about 30-40%.

I also lose fewer leads because I keep them in my overview and get reminders to follow up with them, and I save a lot of time since everything is in one place.

This is why I would recommend ShootZilla to all my colleagues!

Well, you can imagine that I was intrigued by Benny’s story! I wanted to know more about those kick-ass upselling techniques!

Lucky for us, Benny is all about teaching and giving, so he gladly provided one of his workflows for you to download.

You will see how he adds upselling comments to a lot of the emails he sends to his couple.

If you sign up for ShootZilla right now, you will be able to use his workflow and all the emails attached to it!

If you’re not ready for ShootZilla yet, start by implementing a workflow in your own business with the free workflow chart template.

Since the download is only about the workflow for a wedding with an album, I asked Benny if he wanted to share some more, and he said yes!!

Next week we will share how you can get access to all his workflows and his whole surrounding strategy!

Stay tuned and leave a comment as a thank you for Benny!

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