How to Boost Your Product Sales in 8 Ways

Now that you have more bookings coming in, let’s see if we can increase the revenues per booking. Selling what? Product sales. Think albums, wall art, digital files and more. Are you offering products? What are your best selling items? What do you want to sell more of? These products will be discussed on a different day. But now, here are eight useful tips on how to boost your product sales.

1. Set Expectations

Selling by informing!

One of the biggest and simplest ways to increase sales is to inform or educate your clients about the photography session.

During the pre-shoot consultation, it is best to tell the clients as much information as possible for the shoot, viewing, and ordering processes.
This helps eliminate any confusion or uncertainties.

Your clients will feel more comfortable and informed about what to expect. So they will be much more likely to make larger purchases when the time comes!

Review your email templates at the beginning of your sales process in your workflow, maybe you can add more detailed information there about the ordering processes?

If you don’t have a workflow yet, download our free workflow template!

2. Set a Profitable Price


How much are you pricing your services? How much profit do you get after computing all the expenses including your own time?

You can have the best sales process in the world, but it won’t matter if you’re not priced for profit.

The secret of having a profitable price is to control the money that is going out just as much as to control the money that is going in.

Don’t undervalue your time. It’s the only time you got.

3. Listen to Your Clients

After doing much of the explanation during the pre-shoot consultation, it’s now time to listen to your clients.

Take down notes on the type of images that your clients want and need.

Knowing their desires and priorities will help you deliver options that clients will most likely want to order.

4. Show Don’t Tell


If you are offering products to your clients, it is best to show them an actual sample of the product rather than describing it.

For example, what are the sizes of the images that you want your clients to order?

If you want them to order large, matted prints, then you should show them that.

Showing them the actual product will help them envision what they want.

5. Guide the Clients’ Buying Decision

Now that the shoot is over and you are ready for the viewing process, make sure that you limit the choices for your clients.

Show them ONLY the best images.

Don’t overwhelm them with all the images you had during the shoot.

Limiting their choices will help you guide them in their buying decision.

6. Deliver ‘Wow’ to Your Clients


Since you listened to your clients’ needs and wants during the pre-shoot consultation, you should keep them in mind during the shoot itself.

This will help you focus on the shots you want to be perfect for the clients to love them.

And it will prove that you really listened and took to heart what the clients want.

7. Be Ready to Accept Payments

During the viewing process, make sure you are ready to accept payments.

Due to your effective follow through and guidance, the clients may order at that moment!

So as not to delay the order (or your clients’ mind may change), it’s better that you are ready to accept any mode of payment – especially for credit cards!

8. Create Urgency

Shootzilla Blog Images Insert

Don’t worry if the clients didn’t commit to ordering any extra product during the viewing process.

What you need to do know is to follow through with them and create urgency.

Give them a good reason for making a decision sooner rather than later.

You don’t want to have open-ended shoots lying around for months to come, right? You want to finish your workflow quickly and smoothly and archive your files after that.

It saves you time not having shoots in the back of your mind with thoughts like: ‘they might still order’. It takes up mental space and energy.

So make it a win-win for both you and your client. Give them a deadline and a bonus if they buy before that deadline. And explain to them why you are offering that bonus.

If people understand the reasoning behind a bonus they will not see it as a sleazy sales tactic.

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