10 Useful Tips to Book More Photography Clients

As the first quarter of the year is about to finish, how many clients have you booked so far? Are you still struggling with your ‘during consultations’ meetings with the clients? These steps can help you book more clients for the rest of the year.

Set the venue for the meeting

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Meet the clients in a venue you are comfortable in. Being in your ‘comfort zone’, you will be confident in the meeting with your clients. You are in control of all the variables that may disrupt the meeting.

Another advantage of this is when you have the clients take action to see you they are already making small commitments. If you meet them at their house, they have not committed at all. If you can have your clients make small commitments in the sales consultation process it will be easier for them to book you.

Lead the Meeting

Having a concrete game plan before and during the meeting will help you lead the meeting. And by leading, you are showing your clients that you know what you are doing. You are establishing that you are an expert on the field and someone they could totally depend to get the work done perfectly.

Address their ‘fears’ and find out their dreams


Ask your clients about their fears or hesitations, what is their worst nightmare when choosing a photographer? Also find out, what is their dream outcome?

Getting to know any hesitations will help you address them. You can create contingency plans to make sure that nothing of their fear will happen. And knowing their dream outcome makes it easy for you to talk about your style and how that fits in with their dream outcome.

You can read the most common objections of brides and grooms in this blog post: The 7 Fears of Brides & Grooms When Choosing a Wedding Photographer (& How To Help Them Choose You)


Leave your portfolio or albums alone and first connect with your clients. Ask them about how they met, their interests & what their expectations for their wedding day or shoot are.

Making a personal connection with your clients will make them more comfortable to book your services. Plus, getting to know more about your clients will help you to create the perfect project just for them!

Be transparent

Tell them all the steps they need to know about the photoshoot. Make it clear and easy for them to understand so that they know what to expect. Having a clear direction on how the process goes will definitely guide your clients and will take away any insecurities they might have.

Minimize the number of options

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Limiting the number of options for the clients will help them decide faster. They won’t be overwhelmed with the options you have given them. It will be easier for them to decide what they want.

Show them your portfolio

Usually, clients have seen your highlights portfolio on your website. However, they might be super excited to get an impression of all the images from one family shoot or one wedding day reportage. This will give them a good expectation of what to expect when they book you. Point out the images in your portfolio that match their dream outcome expectations.

Focus on the clients

You might be leading the meeting and talking so much about the business, but you have to remember that the event is about your clients. So make sure that you listen to what they are saying. Take down notes of what they prefer and what they dislike. If you have a questionnaire in place in your workflow, tell them that you are not taking notes, but that you will send a questionnaire instead. This will leave them with peace of mind and they will not start wondering why you aren’t taking notes!

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Include a call-to-action


Don’t hesitate to tell your clients what you want them to do. If you want them to think it over and get back to you, tell them how long you will hold a date for them or how long your booking incentive is valid. If you want them to book during the consultation, you can tell them that. Always let them know what your expectation is and if they agree with that.

Deal with their objections

There is a perfect opportunity to find out if they are going to book you or not at the end of the meeting. Don’t be disheartened when your client is hesitant about your fee. Here are some answers that will spark your creativity.

Answers to the dreaded objection “It costs too much”

Develop a follow-up system

Whether it be emails or phone calls, make sure to develop a follow-up system that will remind your clients that you are there. That your presence is there to help them.

Within ShootZilla, you can assign your follow-up messages to your workflow so when the time comes to follow up, all you have to do is press ‘send’!

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