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3 Tips to Grow Your Photography Business With an Email List

An email list for photographers, but how?

Having an email list and emailing regularly can help you stay top of mind with your readers. It is an amazing & FREE way to market your photography services. Here are three tips to make sending that regular email easy and fun.

Tip 1: Keep it simple and authentic

We can all get into the perfectionism trap. It will make you question everything you put out, including your email to your list. Well…. stop it! Be yourself, as hard as it sounds. It’s the way of sending out the real you, the imperfect you. The you that your clients get to know and love and trust over time. Be gentle with yourself, don’t judge your mistakes, people love seeing the normal and realness of you.

It’s why I didn’t edit the blooper out in the above video. If I am watching other people’s content, I love the bloopers. It makes people real and I can more easily relate to them.

Tip 2: Keep an ideas list and add a task to your workflow

You know how you always come up with the best ideas in the shower? Or during a nice long walk in nature? It’s because your mind is then taking a break from worrying and this will let your unconscious come through with the best ideas that will help you get closer to where you want to go. If that is growing your business, your mind will feed you ideas around that.

In order to make use of those great ideas (that also involve blog post ideas or email newsletter ideas), you have to write them down when they hit you!

Make it easy for yourself and keep an ideas list. I have everything Mac, so I use the app ‘simple note’ that syncs between my Macbook and iPhone. But if you are old school you can keep a cool small notebook in your pocket.

Add a newsletter task to your workflow

A big part of your newsletter can be dedicated to your work. Showing your work, behind the scenes stories, etc. People that subscribe to your list want to stay updated on your work, be the first to know when you are going to do something special, etc.

You probably do shoots every week so make it a habit to remind yourself to note things that were noteworthy about the shoot. Maybe you had a spectacular rebellious kid and you managed to make them smile and have a good time, or you had a wedding and the decorations were out of this world amazing? People that are on your list are on your list because they may book you in the future for a similar shoot and you can assume that they are interested in these details too!

Create a task in your workflow that says something like “Any stories that happened? Any favorite image to share?”. This will prompt you to think about the shoot in a new way, how you can use it as storytelling in your email newsletter. Write down ideas about that shoot or a little story in your ideas list and when the time comes that you are going to write your email you are already halfway there!

If you are ready to start working with a workflow, check out my free workflow chart template. You can download it and customize it to your needs. So start adding your newsletter task immediately!

Tip 3: Be consistent with your email

Super simple, but oh so important tip. Give your efforts some time. Don’t let it fall off the wagon because you don’t see the results straight away. It will take time for your readers to get used to seeing you pop up in their inbox, but when they do you can expect them to be a highly qualified prospect for your services. When their time comes and they need a photographer, you will be the one they call. And all they do is look up your last email (so make sure you include your contact details in every email!).

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email list for photographers

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