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Feb 22

Become a Client Magnet – Part 2

By shootzilla | Book Weddings

Last week at the webinar I was asked the question again; “How do I get more clients?”. And since I answered it differently than in my previous post, I will answer it again. In a different way. Because getting clients is a multi-disciplinary thing. You want to align mind, body and spirit ;-) and …. […]

Aug 11

Photography workflow chart [Free Download]

By Esther de Boer | About ShootZilla

Key TakeawayWith a clear timeline of tasks for each of your client set out in a workflow chart you will always know exactly what your progress is in the delivery of your products to your clients.  How to never feel behind in your photography business Please raise your hand if you got a client call […]

May 27

10 Tips to Win a Wedding Photography Award

By Esther de Boer | Marketing

Yesterday I had the honor to visit the 10th edition of the Dutch wedding photography awards ceremony. Very cool to see how happy all the nominees and winners were. And how everyone in the room was very happy for the winners. In order to get you guys all in the spirit of winning awards I […]

Feb 27

How to Work ON Your Photography Business

By Esther de Boer | Marketing

Last week I told you about why you need to gain control in your business to do the o so important pro active tasks of working ON your business. Today I will tell you. How to create an environment that will allow you to work ON your photography business Everyone’s situation is different. Some have […]