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May 19

Did You Define Your Ideal Photography Client Yet?

By shootzilla | Book Weddings

First up, let’s start with why. Why your ideal client will increase your revenues 1. When you work with your ideal client you will have more fun. Duh. That one is simple right? Your ideal client gets you, understands what you want because you are on the same plane. Your ideal client hired you because […]

Mar 02

When Do You Need Wedding Photography Software?

By shootzilla | Grow your business

I have a lot of people come to my webinars and some are wondering when is the right time for them to jump in, to buy wedding photography software to help them grow their business. [themify_box style=”blue note rounded” ]ShootZilla doesn’t focus mainly on wedding photographers, but it does have a wonderful library of templates […]

Feb 22

Become a Client Magnet – Part 2

By shootzilla | Book Weddings

Last week at the webinar I was asked the question again; “How do I get more clients?”. And since I answered it differently than in my previous post, I will answer it again. In a different way. Because getting clients is a multi-disciplinary thing. You want to align mind, body and spirit ;-) and …. […]

Feb 04

5 Steps to Realize Your Dreams with Coffee

By shootzilla | Grow your business

Chaos When I interviewed lots of photographers a few years ago, I heard they mentioned the word Chaos regularly when they described how they felt and what their biggest frustration was. Too many moving parts, too many details, too many different clients that all want something different. And since we are artists and very service […]