Last week I told you about why you need to gain control in your business to do the o so

[pullquote align=”normal”]I always think post processing of the images and getting them to my clients fast is the most important

Today a question came to me from different directions. I really want to book more weddings, get more traffic to

Basically there are 3 steps: Get your contacts, vendors & other relations in there asap. Within ShootZilla there is a

Testimonials & why do you need them If you go to a new online store, what do you look for

Woohoo, it’s almost there, the new Email feature. I made a video so you can see what it will look

In the previous episode of this series, I have told you how you could get the attention of your brides

Don’t get enough inquiries through your website? Today I will share with you the unconventional but super friendly way to

I still come across some photographers that don’t have photography business deadlines set for when they will deliver their images.

My mission with this blog is the same as my mission with ShootZilla. Help you grow as photographers and business