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May 19

Did You Define Your Ideal Photography Client Yet?

By shootzilla | Book Weddings

First up, let’s start with why. Why your ideal client will increase your revenues 1. When you work with your ideal client you will have more fun. Duh. That one is simple right? Your ideal client gets you, understands what you want because you are on the same plane. Your ideal client hired you because […]

Jun 29

10 Celebrations For Your Photography Business

By shootzilla | Blog

There are so many things to celebrate for. From the moment we wake up until the time we’re bound to sleep, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate life as it is. But do we give ourselves time to celebrate? What reasons do we have to celebrate? Why do you celebrate? What are you […]

May 18

12 Efficiency Boosters for Photographers

By shootzilla | Efficiency

At the end of the day, I still have a lot of todos on my list… Sounds familiar? I have heard it many times. Photographers often have many ideas they want to pursue. Ideas for free creative photography work, ideas for blogs, ideas for new website themes or features, ideas for new products or type […]

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