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Before the photography bug got me big time I used to work as a product manager.

As my passion grew, I decided to quit my job and start my own photography business.

In the first year, I had some savings and managed to get enough business to make it work.

At the end of the year, I asked myself ‘what brings me the most joy?’, and wedding photography was at the top of my list.

Then I asked with my ‘business’ head on, ‘what makes me the most money?’, luckily wedding photography was at the top of the list too!
Add to that a great business partner and friend Marco and 2Rings wedding photography was born in my second year of business.

As a wedding photographer I regularly felt overwhelmed because I didn’t have good overview of my business.

I believe (completely) that you have the power to create the life and business you want, so I started looking for a solution.

But I couldn’t find one. Not one that fitted exactly what I needed.

I decided to interview around 100 photographers and found that a lot of them felt the same and had the same needs as me.

And so, I started creating ShootZilla and then solved that problem.

I love to help people come up with solutions for their challenges, to help photographers make it work and make a really profitable business that enables them to support their family and create the life and business they want and have fun!

It's a topic that can keep me up all night!

I’ve seen it so often, people quitting their passion and walking away from their dream.

After a few years they grow tired of being in business making less per hour than the minimum wage with a mountain of responsibility.

And you know what? I’ve been there, it was in that time that I decided there must be a way to make this work and so Shootzilla was born and I never looked back.

I want to show other photographers that it IS possible to create a profitable and fun business.

As you know, I believe you hold the power to create your life as you want it and that’s a big passion of mine.

I read about a book a week and 99% of them are about business, mindset and spirituality (you can find my list of books here).

Since discovering the importance of mindset, I know now I can actually rule my mind instead of the other way around.

After a lot of self-discovery through books I decided to dive deep down the spiritual rabbit hole.

I’m now a certified Energy Editing Professional.

That probably means nothing to you right now – (that’s cool, don’t worry), but just know that I’m the kind of girl that loves to discuss the world of ‘energy’ and the universe (and unicorns LOL).

Alongside taking photos over the past couple of years I have developed my skills and I now have a professional coaching business for photographers where I incorporate business skill, mindset and Energy Editing.

They count on me to use my Energy Editing skills to dissolve the blocks that are holding them back (their limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and fears) from achieving their goals.

I believe people choose the entrepreneur path so they can have the freedom of choice.

To be free from the ‘9 to 5’, and to work at your own pace and in your own time.

That’s what I’m a strong advocate for, living your life now and not postponing your happiness, not waiting until the money arrives, to lose weight, to feel more confident etc.

I’m a mum to 2 daughters and I enjoy them where and when I can.

I have created flexibility within my working hours so that I can choose where I want to be so if someone is organizing an impromptu fun thing, I’m there!

I have a working life that allows me to build my business around my family, we have just got back to the Netherlands after living a year in Belize, this was only possible because I could run my business from my laptop.

It’s also meant that I can spontaneously pack the kids bags and take them away for the length of the school holidays whenever I choose.

That was the goal for me.

My wish for you is to find security, flexibility and profit in your business through using the ShootZilla software. And if you need more help with getting rid of the feast and famine or booking more clients or getting a workflow or website that delivers solid revenue, book a coaching package with me from the Learning page

If you would like a closer look into my life please come and find me on Instagram.

And if you ever need me for anything please don’t hesitate to send me an email directly.

Much love
Esther x