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Hi there! My name is Esther.

I know you are here to learn more about me, so here goes!!

I'll get right to it.... I am an unstoppable learning junkie.

As I type this, I'm in the middle of four courses... One about creative ipad handlettering, one about mastering your time with the 90-day year, one GMB.io elements course, which is exercise related and one is Lifebook from Mindvalley, which is all about crafting and dreaming the life you want.

I am pretty confident I will finish them all, just like the 100's of courses I have done before.

Why? Cause I love to learn.

I am also a big fan of Abraham Hicks and the likes. For me, Abe never disappoints.

My goal in my life is to feel good. 

I mean as much as possible, and learning to not feel bad when I don't feel good is part of the journey ;-)

Since I spend a lot of time working, I want my work to feel good too.

Like Abe says, if your work doesn't feel fun, make it feel fun again or get rid of it.

It's a bold saying, but wow, I have learned over the years that there are so many ways to make your work fun!

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​For some of you reading this, ShootZilla is a way to make your work feel fun again. 

No more overwhelm and chaos and always knowing what to do next. 

Many photographers call ShootZilla their lifesaver. 

Sign up for a free trial if that sounds like something you are interested in.

So what else?

I am always experimenting with ways to feel good more of the time.

So that's why I just quit sugar for about the 15th time.

I might be a slow learner, but I don't give up on my dreams ;-).

I know we are all designed to feel good.

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Numerous, immensely useful tips, that I could immediately put into action

Richard - Owner & Photographer

Drawing from her extensive experience, Esther was able to quickly understand where I'm at and where areas of potential improvements lie in my business. And because she has a very clear, straight-to-the-point way of thinking and communicating, I, in turn, could easily benefit from her insights.

I loved Esther's light-hearted yet sharp-minded and no-nonsense approach to coaching with numerous, immensely useful tips, that I could immediately put into action.

Thanks to the two coaching hours, I'm much more conscious about the various steps in my workflow, and that helps me be way more efficient. My clients benefit from this as well: My interactions with them have become a lot more structured and clear.

I love to talk to people and find out when they are in their bliss point. 

And brainstorm with them how they can create a life they love.

Getting rid of beliefs that don't help (I'm a Certified Energy Edits Practitioner  too).

Like thinking you need to do Facebook Lives when you hate being on camera.

Luckily there are no rules in creating your life and business.

Your own feelings dictate.

And, as a business coach, I help you find creative ways to do what comes natural to you.

Crafting your photography business around your strengths.

Instead of folding you backwards around an imaginary business of how it ‘should’ be.

Yes. You might need to get out of your comfort zone.

But guess what, you will love it there.

When you follow YOUR heart and impulses.

Do you feel like you want to do a reset of yourself and your business?

To get more aligned with the power that you already know is inside of you?

Get on a coaching call with me. First introductory call is free.