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Do you know the simple truth about the most successful… most knowledgeable and most respected photographers in the world?

Without this, you can spend your entire photography career without reaching profitability. 

Or you are constantly stressed out that you are forgetting an important detail, feeling burned out since you are always working, or waking up at night remembering a deadline. 

It’s not because they have better equipment, or because they take better pictures or even because they have better-looking clients.

None of that, it’s much easier than people think and in fact, every photographer can do it with a little bit of commitment.

The reason why photographers succeed is simply because they got a system that helps them provide a consistent, effective and profitable customer experience.

Let me show you how ShootZilla can help you with that.

4 Compelling reasons why photographers love ShootZilla

1. All in one view

track your shoots from leads to completion

The simplicity and easy of use is why I chose Shootzilla over the others, and will never look back. I can’t begin to explain how much better my studio runs now, and I’m never stressing about what needs to be done next!! I’m so on top of everything now, like never before!

Milly Bakker, Wedding photographer

Why are most photographers working all the time? It is usually not because they want to or because they have too much work going on, or even because the clients are demanding it.

It’s often because they feel there is always work to be done when you have shoots in progress.

With the visual overview from ShootZilla you can be present in the moment and stop worrying about the state of all your jobs. You finally get to concentrate fully on one thing at the time so your clients get the best of you.

2. Consistent customer experience 

Workflow templates for photographers

I am so much more professional towards my clients now. In the past, it happened that I send out my wedding survey a couple days before the wedding! That causes stress for the couple as well! Now ShootZilla reminds me to send it in time… and the fun part is, I only have to press send!

Mariska de Groot, Wedding & Portrait photographer

How would it feel to have all your clients come in through word-of-mouth? Because without word-of-mouth you are in constant struggle with finding new clients, taking jobs you don’t like or worst of all thinking you’re just not good enough.

Getting those referrals is not about choosing the perfect WordPress template for your website, it’s not about taking the next workshop from a Fancy International photographer, and it is not even about winning awards.

With an endless stream of word-of-mouth referrals you save money on advertising, you will not worry about how you are going to pay the bills next month, and you can even refuse clients that don’t match with your creative style!

The secret to getting there is to make sure that all your clients have the same delighting experience.

With the workflows in ShootZilla you are able to provide a consistent experience for every single client. So that no matter what your mood is that day, your clients will always get the best of you.

3. All your data in one place

All your client data in one central place - a photographers dream

I was managing my shoots with a combination of Evernote, my calendar and my mind. For every shoot I was doing little calculations in my head, looking at the calendar, recalling what my next move for that particular shoot had to be and putting it in my weekly and daily overviews in Evernote. When I signed up for the trial of ShootZilla I directly put in all my shoots in progress. And the immediate effect was peace of mind. ShootZilla created overview and I could really let go of all the details.

Jasper Hof, Wedding & Portrait photographer

Where do you keep your client data, your photo shoot details or what to do next for that matter? You probably tried tools like Evernote, Excel, Dropbox, Google Drive, Outlook tasks or worse a paper notepad to store all your data. We all did at some point.

We know the story of wasting hours of finding that one little detail only to realize that you are in front of Facebook and 2 hours have flown by and you still don’t have that detail you were looking for. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

And in fact with ShootZilla not only do you get everything in one place, but you even get to keep all the history. Pretty cool he?

4. Get more out of your business

Get your photography business automated

Thanks to ShootZilla I can now consistently upsell and market to my clients without having to think about it. I now make consistently 30-40% more revenue on every wedding.
For me, the most direct win when I started using ShootZilla was that I increased my revenue per customer radically. I also lose fewer leads because I keep them in my overview and get reminders to follow up with them, and I save a lot of time since everything is in one place.

Benny Ottosson, wedding photographer


Do you know the secret of upselling your client effortlessly? Without this secret it feels salesy, it’s not consistent and it is just not effective. 

It doesn’t depend on how well you speak, or the glossiness of your marketing materials or even how attractive your offer is.

With this small and simple secret you can drastically boost your revenues, increase client happiness and save time. 

It’s all about timing. Informing your clients of everything at once might seem very efficient but will get you the opposite results, people ignoring the message or forgetting part of it.

This is common knowledge with most photographers, but it is such a drag to write all those messages over and over again. And quite bluntly, we forget to do it.

With ShootZilla you can design your entire message communication so your client receives relevant information and offers at the right time, every single time.

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