• Have you ever missed an appointment
  • Do you ever forget to follow up
  • Always thinking about what you might be missing
Remove the anxiety from your photography business.
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  • Bullet Work less, play more. Save hours with ShootZilla workflows & emails.
  • Bullet No more sleepless nights before a shoot. Your visual overview shows you everything is under control.
  • Bullet Peace of mind. The need to remember details is gone.
  • Bullet Know your clients. Photographers CRM and 1-click access to your clients Facebook.
  • Bullet Book more weddings. Free referrals from colleagues through ShootZilla.
  • Bullet Forget remembering the details. Be organized and make things happen at the right time and in the right order.
  • Bullet Eliminate your headaches with Shootzilla - organize your clients, communications, and tasks.
  • Bullet Save hours a week and never have to write the same email twice.

Photography Studio Management Software Trusted by Photographers

They already use and love ShootZilla
Ralf Czogallik
“ My whole business administration now revolves around ShootZilla and my head is empty!
Ralf Czogallik
60 weddings a year
Milly Bakker
The simplicity and easy of use is what I choose ShootZilla over the others for, and will never look back, I can't begin to explain how much better my studio runs now, and I'm never stressing about what needs to be done next! ”
Milly Bakker
38 weddings a year
Mariska de Groot
“ The most important thing is...
I used to think a LOT. Did I do that? Ah, don’t forget to send that... And so on. I have peace of mind now! ”
Mariska de Groot
20 weddings a year and portraits
Evert Doorn
I save a couple of hours each week just by having everything in one place. And ShootZilla does more. ”
Evert Doorn
25 weddings a year and corporate work


How will ShootZilla make your life easier?


You can have unlimited workflows in ShootZilla. Each workflow can be customized for a different kind of shoot so it's also the perfect photo shoot software. Each workflow consists of tasks and/or emails to be scheduled.

Set it up once and apply to each client.

Save hours of work and create consistency in your business, not to mention less room for errors. No more anxiety but a proven system to remember every little detail.

Scheduled emails

Scheduled emails

Each email that you would normally send to your clients can be added to a workflow.

This way ShootZilla will schedule your mails for you as soon as you would ideally send them out. Without you having to think of it or write them again!

And of course you can tweak emails before sending them away! Personal touch with minimal effort. The simplest way to manage your clients.

ShootZilla network

ShootZilla Referrals

When you join ShootZilla you will automatically be part of the ShootZilla referrals network!

Promote yourself so others can promote you.

Free referrals for extra bookings.

All in one place

All in one place

Store your client data, your contracts, emails, invoices, etc all in this photographer CRM.

Finding a piece of information was never this easy! A client management system designed for photographers.

No more going back and forth between files to find that one little detail!



One glance and you know what to do.

The overview will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is under control - even when you have several jobs in progress!

Now you can enjoy your free time without feeling guilty.



A intuitive calendar shows your busy peaks and available days.

Mark days as unavailable if you want to 'protect' your free time, or when you don't want to book weddings on a certain weekday - we know how hard it is to say no to a job.

Sync your calendar with Google or Ical so you are always up to date of your availability.

Photography Client Management Software Trusted by Photographers

They already use and love ShootZilla
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We are 110% Committed to your Safety and Security

Don't be scared to move your business to an online tool. ShootZilla incorporates the most advanced security solutions, giving you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank. ShootZilla utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption by GeoTrust.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Multiple Backups

ShootZilla stores user data at the Hetzner and OVH datacenters and all uploaded attachments are stored in Amazon.com’s S3 data centers.

All your data in ShootZilla is automatically and immediately copied to multiple locations. Backups are done a couple of times per day.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Online Security

ShootZilla login is secure and encrypted using industry-leading SSL technology.

The same holds true for the storage in our data centers. No one can view your data. Your data with ShootZilla is probably even safer than traditional offline storage.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Access Anywhere

Access your data anytime & anywhere with the online tool ShootZilla.

Extra benefit: you don't have to worry about losing your data due to fire or computer crash.  Of course you own all your data. Cancel your account any-time and take all your data with you.

100% Money-back Guarantee

No Pain. All gain.
Become a Zen photographer
I am so confident ShootZilla will help you grow your business and make you a photographer without worries and with quality free time that if you don't feel that freedom after 3 months of fully using ShootZilla I will personally refund your money and pay to have you get a massage instead.
Esther de Boer - Founder

Photography Studio Management Software Trusted by Photographers

They already use and love ShootZilla
Wedding photographer

“ShootZilla changed my life”

ShootZilla exceeds my expectations. I really feel so much at ease now instead of the panic attacks that I used to have. I can now look at my dashboard, close my computer and have a good time, where I used to be working all night since the wedding couples were always waiting (in my mind).

Thanks to the tasks screen in ShootZilla I easily follow up 8 leads at once or send invoices all at once, instead of doing it when they come in, like I used to do. ShootZilla changed the way I work.

ShootZilla saves me time & gives me peace of mind. It sounds big to say it about an app but ShootZilla practically changed my life!

Wedding & Portrait photographer

“I no longer have to think before I can get to work.”

ShootZilla provides ease of mind for me. I no longer have to think before I can get to work. I have the overview and that creates clarity and quietness in my head. The inner calm gives me the opportunity to give more attention to my couples for example. Which is far more important to me than worrying about tasks in my workflow.

ShootZilla saves me from so much processing time. I just know what has to be done and what I already did.

All details stored in one place also gives me inner peace. I give a lot of attention and provide a high level of service to my couples. A good system to store all these little details on how they want to celebrate the most important day in their lives is a true blessing.

I love being able to send a wedding survey to my couples through ShootZilla. The couples can provide information on what they think is important and it gives them peace of mind too. It’s convenient for me too because I don’t have to take notes during conversations because all the answers to the form questions end up in ShootZilla automatically. Love it.

Wedding photographer
(30 weddings a year)

“I know the progress of my work in a glance!”

I work with the overview and the client screen the most. It’s great to have the overview of where I am with all my bookings. I know immediately how many bookings I have and how far they are in my workflow.

Before ShootZilla I filed every booking in a separate folder on my computer. When I needed to check on status I was digging in each folder so with ShootZilla I can find stuff easily and I know the progress of my work in a glance! I also love that it’s available wherever I am, through the web app. A big benefit for me is that I know without a doubt that nothing is slipping through the cracks. I have added every little task in my workflow to ShootZilla, like checking on a downpayment or if they returned my forms. I used to forget that sometimes before ShootZilla. I also use the ShootZilla workflow to remind me to mark my favorites of each wedding. When I am asked to send in images for a blog or contest I already have them in a separate folder.

ShootZilla feels more professional in my business, it makes me proud to see how much I have accomplished, how many booked weddings I can attend to now.

Wedding photographer
(20 weddings a year + portraits)

“I received 3 referrals in my free trial period!”

I had not even finished my 14 day trial and I already received 3 referrals of which one already scheduled a meeting with me! Impressive!

I love the overview! I now know what wedding I still want to blog or other little but important workflow tasks that make my business grow.





Wedding photographers duo
(35 weddings a year)

“ShootZilla reminds me of the big & little things”

I love how ShootZilla remembers the little details for me. Like asking for a review or checking if I can submit my images to a wedding blog somewhere. I used to forget these little things and now ShootZilla reminds me of it, perfect!

I used to work from a spreadsheet, my own created system. But it always took me a while to figure out where I was in the progress of my clients. We just returned from a 4 weeks trip, I open ShootZilla and it tells me exactly what’s next to be done.

Okay so it’s winter time and therefor I use the referrals module a lot now! It’s very convenient to help others with my double bookings without having to type each persons details. I also love to see what’s happened with my clients, who they eventually booked or contacted!

Wedding Photographer

“It gives me more peace of mind which gives me more time to do fun stuff”

I love how everything is now in one place and no longer distributed in 3 different systems. I look at it daily and it gives me overview and control. I am no longer (feeling) behind on my tasks. It gives me more peace of mind which gives me more time to do fun stuff and also gives me a break from thinking about the tasks in my business.

It provides a more uniform approach towards my couples. Before ShootZilla I was able to forget to do a task with one couple which would bother me and now all couples get the full experience when they book me. Nothing falls through the cracks.

I used to work with a spreadsheet with lots of colors and remembered a lot in my head. Now that is completely transferred to ShootZilla and it also saves all the contact details. I now have more overview, less details to go over in my head. Like “Oh help, I have to do that!”

I also just booked a wedding through the ShootZilla network, Yay! 

It saves me from worrying and feeling anxious the night before a wedding. I used to be going through all my notes to see if I didn’t forget anything. With ShootZilla everything is in one place.

Wedding Photographer
(60 weddings a year)

“I use ShootZilla as a sales tool too.”

In 2011 I once booked two weddings on the same date, awful! Now I feel peace of mind knowing when & where all my bookings take place. I love that my calendar is automatically blocked. I share my ShootZilla calendar with my wife and she also loves that she can see when I have bookings and possible bookings. Gives us a lot of inner calm knowing what’s going on.

I also love the referrals module. It saves me an enormous amount of time for something that helps others in their business. I really like to share the weddings that I can not do myself with the other colleagues in ShootZilla.

I also use ShootZilla as a sales tool. I show ShootZilla when I am meeting with clients. They are really impressed with how professional my business is set up and they know they don’t have to worry about me forgetting something! It also works in my advantage since they see how many inquiries I get for certain dates, so they know they have to decide quickly.

My whole business administration now revolves around ShootZilla and my head is empty!

Wedding Photographer
(40 weddings a year)

“My favorite feature is the tasks, I can choose what I want to do based on how I’m feeling!”

ShootZilla has taken the crazy out of my days and made the ‘admin’ side of my business simple & easy. I feel like I can breathe again! everything I need is in one place & my to-do list is sorted for me. It’s too good.

Before ShootZilla EVERYTHING was done through paper. My to-do list, my client info, it was all a bit manic and a normal process of a bride & groom booking their wedding day went from being a massive task to ShootZilla making it a smooth & easy process. I can relax knowing everything I need to do and know is in one place – ShootZilla!

My favorite feature is the tasks – I can choose what I want to do based on how I’m feeling and know that it’s as easy as doing the task, ticking it off and knowing I don’t have to think!

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Here’s some Questions and Answers


About Esther de Boer, founder of ShootZilla

Hi! I am a wedding photographer who was in need of a tool that would really help me organize my business. I finally decided to create it myself with the help & input of lots of wedding photographers like yourself!

My belief is that every person can find his or her passion and deliver true value to people this way & I love to help make that happen. With ShootZilla I know I found a way to help wedding photographers grow their business ànd create peace of mind for them - in their super demanding and highly responsible job - at the same time.

The best mails I get these days are from my users who are saying: "I am enjoying a guilt free tv session knowing my business is under control thanks to ShootZilla!"

fotocredit: Marco Reeuwijk & Mark Daams (B/W)